Kick Starting The Adventure

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog MyTravelMyLife. I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts, tips and tricks to all things travel as I slowly try to search every nook and cranny this world has to offer.

A bit about me – I’m a young Australian Geoscientist that loves the outdoors and to see the world. Work takes me to some unreal places that I’ll share with everyone here.  In my own time I’ll explore everywhere I can to show you guys too. I’ve touched down in Ottawa, Canada for the start of another job where I’ll get to see the country side of Ontario and Quebec. Fingers crossed I can throw some tips out therefor you guys if you ever decide to explore this side of the world.

As the Blog goes on I hope to make guides and give advice where ever necessary. There’s a lot of travel lined up for me in the coming years and recommendations are more than welcome. I cant wait to hear from everyone and for the most part start putting writing down all the crazy adventure for you!

Cheers guys,


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